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What is actually behind 360º tours and what makes them so appealing?

In a nutshell, 360-degree tours enable the viewer to virtually get an authentic 360-degree view of a place. This can be buildings, vehicles, landmarks, or landscapes. The best known example of a 360 degree tour is Google Street View.

With a 360 degree tour, the viewer is able to virtually navigate through the object and experience it from different perspectives. 360-degree tours consist of several 360-degree panoramic images, which allow a complete viewing angle. With the help of special software, the panoramic images are then assembled into a virtual tour and enriched with additional information, the so-called point-of-interest (PoI). Supplementary information of any kind, such as photos, videos, text and music, is possible.

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Use any 360 camera to capture your 360 photos. From using your mobile phone all the way to professional grade equipment, we have you covered.

We can also help you with the setup of your first tour.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

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You have 3 possibilities to create 360º panoramas. 
1) Mobile Phone
2) 360º Camera
3) DSLR Camera

Investing in one of the best 360 cameras is a smart decision for photographers in 2022.

A 360-degree camera helps you create something truly unique – your photos will stand out more and clients will be interested in your services.


With a conventional camera, you have only one view: the one in front of the camera. With a 360° camera, you have all views: Everything around the camera. So you never have to think about what you want to shoot. You will shoot everything at the same time and the quality is Fantastic.

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The easiest to create is a 360 picture. They are so simple, in fact, that you can actually make and share 360 photospheres with your smartphone- with theVRKit app, you get good results.


A DSLR camera will have superior resolution, sharpness, and clarity because a larger sensor captures the picture and eats up more processing power. You'll also get the capability of changing lenses with a DSLR. DSLR cameras are more expensive than  360 degree cameras. A DSLR camera is much more complicated to use than a 360 degree camera.

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